Elevate Your Vocals: JS Logic Pro X Custom Vocal Chain Recording, Mixing & Mastering Template (Native Plugins Only)





Streamline your workflow and achieve professional-sounding vocals with this custom Logic Pro X template, built entirely with native plugins!

This template features:

  • Pre-configured vocal chain: EQ, Compression, De-esser, and Saturation plugins meticulously arranged for clarity, warmth, and control.
  • Mastering bus chain: Essential mastering tools like EQ, Compression, Limiter, and Stereo Width to polish and enhance your mix.
  • Color-coded tracks and inserts: Effortlessly identify and adjust each processing stage for intuitive navigation.
  • Detailed instructions: Understand the purpose of each plugin and learn how to tweak them for your unique vocals.
  • Quick start guide: Get up and running in seconds with a clear roadmap for using the template effectively.

This template is perfect for:

  • Musicians and producers looking to achieve professional vocal sound without the need for third-party plugins.
  • Beginners wanting to learn the fundamentals of vocal mixing and mastering within Logic Pro X.
  • Anyone seeking a time-saving solution to enhance their vocal productions.

Take your vocals to the next level and unlock their full potential with this comprehensive Logic Pro X template!

This template has been used on music you have heard on the top radio markets and film & tv shows such on Disney, Hulu, Netflix, MTV, VH1, BET, MAX, Amazon Prime, NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB and much more.



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