The Grand Cinema 4: RARE


Release Date: July 3, 2013

There was also a lot of great music that I made during past projects that I have held onto in the vault that I realized that people may never hear. As a result, you now have The Grand Cinema 4: RARE. This is not the typical “Grand Cinema” project. In the past, those projects were based on me re-creating your favorite movie themes in a unique fresh way. This time around, The Grand Cinema 4 is all original new music that consists of 4 parts or 4 albums in one! The acronym RARE stands for Radiant, Alchemy, Respect, and Enigma. For the people who don’t know me on a personal level, these words are the exact words that describe me on so many levels.

The first 2 albums (Radiant and Alchemy) contains all live instrumentation in some way or form. Whether its live strings, horns, myself playing the drums, guitar, piano, or whatever. The last 2 albums (Respect and Enigma) are very different than the first half but flows seamlessly into this half. Respect has more of a fusion of many different genres while the last album Enigma is all R&B. Each album contains 11 songs. You can download The Grand Cinema 4 as 1 complete album or 2 halves.