JS aka The Best unveils a remarkable re-release of his debut masterpiece under the title “Weapon X Evolution 2.5.” This musical gem comprises a stunning collection of 20 tracks, each meticulously crafted through JS’s exceptional skills in composition, production, writing, sound design, mixing, and mastering. Grounded in authenticity and vulnerability, JS invites you on an enthralling odyssey through his life, unfolding from a distinctive narrative lens rooted in his upbringing within the dynamic vibrant landscape of the DMV area.

Comparisons to Nas’s iconic debut album, “Illmatic,” arise naturally, as both albums stand as testaments to pure artistic expression without any guest features. JS’s lyrical style and storytelling finesse weave an intricate tapestry, reminiscent of Illmatic’s profound impact. Reflecting on his journey, JS reveals that his initial recording of the album in 2016 was rushed, prioritizing those around him. However, this time, he meticulously dedicated himself to the project, infusing it with the time and devotion it deserved. “Weapon X Evolution” emerges as a riveting masterpiece, now available across all platforms, ready to captivate tasteful ears worldwide.


Release Date : August 29, 2023
Artist : JS aka The Best
Genre : Hip-Hop
Format : Digital Download