DJ Flexx – “Polo & Chuck” featuring IamDonJuan (produced by. JS aka The Best)

JS aka The Best image-1024x1024 DJ Flexx - "Polo & Chuck" featuring IamDonJuan (produced by. JS aka The Best)

Washington DC has been the home of GoGo music which was created by the godfather of GoGo Chuck Brown. Today, GoGo has evolved into “Bounce Beat” a more aggressive version of GoGo that heavily involves timbales created by the Bounce Beat King “Polo” of TCB. DJ Flexx and record producer JS aka The Best crafted a song that has never been done before by combining the classic sound of GoGo with the aggression of the bounce beat. DJ Flexx presents “Polo & Chuck” featuring IamDonJuan which pays homage to both DC legends who have passed away. Both the youth and the veterans of the DMV can now come together and enjoy GoGo music that they both can relate to. Through “Polo & Chuck” both of these GoGo legends will always be remembered as the culture moves forward. “Polo & Chuck” will be available February 16, 2014 which is both DJ Flexx and producer JS aka The Best birthday.

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