[Interview] JS aka The Best featured in MC Magazine

JS aka The Best IMG_0774 [Interview] JS aka The Best featured in MC Magazine

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TMC: For those who may not be familiar with who you are, can you briefly introduce yourself?
JS:  Well, my name is JS aka The Best and I’m a 20 years old record producer and entrepreneur from the DMV area.

TMC: Can you tell us how you got started as a producer?
JS:  I actually started out as a percussionist when I was 10, and playing in many symphonic bands and orchestras.  So that really gave me a foundation as far as really understanding music and its history and theory.  I always used to rap and battle people in school and it came a time where I was tired of using other people beats and I wanted to stand out and be unique so I started with this game for Playstation 2 call MTV Generator 2.  From there I kept learning and re-investing my money to get better equipment that would be suitable for the direction I was going.

TMC: Who were some before your time that inspired you the most?
JS:  Coming from PG County, I was definitely inspired by Go-Go music. Chuck Brown, Rare Essence, UCB to name a few.  I’m kind of an old head *laughs*.  I like to listen to all genres of music from Miles Davis to Johnny Cash, to 2 Chainz to Rakim, to Beethoven to Lady Gaga.  I’m really just inspired by everyday life, whether its mine or seeing through other people’s eyes.

TMC: What sets you apart from other producers?
JS:  I can produce a whole album with any artist of any genre because of how versatile I am as a musician and I understand how different types of music affects different cultures.

TMC: How would you describe your production style & what’s distinctive about your sound?
JS:  I just make great music.  I try not to label it.  My sound is unique.

TMC: Can you give us a little resume of people you’ve gotten the chance to work with? & Out of them all is there a favorite project?
JS:  I did some work with Young Chris when he was over at Roc Nation.  A lot of people know me from the remixes I did for Mos Def, Wale, and Chris Brown recently

TMC: What is something people might not know about you?
JS:  Basketball is my 1st love.

TMC: What do you have planned for the near future?
JS:  Right now I’m mixing my last instrumental album “The Grand Cinema 3: Triple Threat Theory” releasing July 3rd.  A lot of behind the scenes business moves, more scoring for film and tv, and just getting ready to shake things up a bit!