Using LIVE instrumentation, message driven lyrics, catchy melodies, relatable concepts & clever wordplay make Wordsmith’s “Blue Collar Recital” the blueprint for explaining our everyday life. Beginning at 5am in the morning, Wordsmith takes the listener through a days’ worth of blue collar incidents & triumphs. His songwriting skills are on full display as he weaves tales of living life check to check, testing a person’s faith, giving it your best, showing your brilliance, what to do during lunch break, dealing with daily traffic, happy hour and even vacation is covered on this 11 track album.  The album is primarily produced by Board of Administration composer and producer, JS aka The Best.

Though there is great detail in Wordsmith’s lyrics he manages to create catchy melodies in a vocal tone the average blue collar citizen can feel good about singing themselves. Fans alike will be able to use The Blue Collar Recital as a musical mood ring as it contains songs to fit any portion of a regular blue collar workday!

All Digital Downloads of the Album will feature a Digital Booklet with Fan pics, life on the road, Word’s family life and more; being personable is what makes Wordsmith a very relatable Artist.

Furthermore, Wordsmith garnered an ASCAPLUS Award in 2011 & 2012 while licensing over 20 of his tracks to major companies like Nintendo, ESPN, VH1, Golf Channel, Six Flags, ABC, CBS, PBS & many more!

The Blue Collar Recital will be available September 17th, 2013

1. “Its 5am Smell the Roses”

2. “Living Life Check to Check”

3. “When Your Faith is Tested” (produced by. JS aka The Best)

4. “When in Doubt Give it Your Best” (produced by. JS aka The Best)

5. “My Brilliance Shines” feat. Paul Rivers Bailey (produced by. JS aka The Best)

6. “Lunch Break The Afternoon Takeover” feat. Sean Toure, Notoriety, Tryfe & CuzOH!

7. “Traffic Jammin'” (produced by. JS aka The Best)

8. “M.F.F.W” (produced by. JS aka The Best)

9. “Happy Hour The Universal Blackout” (produced by. JS aka The Best)

10. “I Bet the Record Skips” (produced by. JS aka The Best)

11. “Summer Love”